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Dear Yavneh Family,

We at PTA are excited for the upcoming start of another great school year at Yavneh! We are already hard at work planning and preparing new and exciting programs and activities for all the members of the Yavneh family.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new parents to our Yavneh Family. We know that you will find our school to be a warm, welcoming and spirited community and we look forward to introducing you to our dedicated faculty, staff and PTA.

What makes the PTA so great, and keeps it a success, are the volunteers that put in their time and efforts! With that being said, we have a requirement of 8 hours of volunteer hours to fulfill from each family. This requirement ensures that we have enough volunteers to help make each event as special for our families and our children as we can!

PTA offers many activities and programs thought the year and there are numerous of opportunities to get involved. This year, we have a variety of events including: Chanukah Boutique, Book Fair, Purim Shuttle, Ralphs Community Contribution Program, Rosh Chodesh Treats, Teacher Appreciation Week, Chesed Month, and many more. The PTA will sponsor the materials for these program; what we are asking from our parents is a contribution of time to help enhance the spirit of the school through fun family events. 3 hours of the 8 total volunteering can be directed towards helping in the classroom, however the rest must be spend on school events.

If we can be any assistance or for any questions regarding volunteer opportunities, please feel free to email us at: [email protected] simply stop by the PTA office.

Yavneh PTA​