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Student Guidance

The Team: Led by Dr. Leora Orenbuch, School Psychologist, Caroline Casper LCSW, our Social Worker, and Tanya Levy, our Early Childhood Developmental Behavior Specialist .

Frequent Check ins: As different scenarios arise, Student Guidance frequently checks in for specific needs, whether through class talks or parent talks to address larger issues.

SEL Courses: Skills reinforced include social-awareness, self-awareness, inclusivity, and responsible decision-making, amongst other topics.

Referrals: If an issue arises that may require more consistent treatment, the Guidance team has built a comprehensive referral network as a resource for families.

Crisis intervention: The Guidance team helps ensure physical snd emotional safety.

Social Skills Group: Social skills groups are designed to help students engage appropriately with their peers and improve their relationships both in and out of school.

Conflict Resolution: Helps students express and work through issues that come up with peers and understand another person’s perspective to prevent future conflict.

Staff and Family Collaboration: The guidance team collaborates with students, teachers, administrators and families to provide the necessary social, behavioral or emotional support