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Middle School

Our General Studies curriculum places heavy emphasis on rigor, relevance, and creativity, with critical thinking as the hallmark, bolstered by enrichment and differentiation. Yavneh boasts a comprehensive program that promotes a holistic approach to education, all strengthened with cross curricular studies and special offerings such as art, STEAM, music study, and technology education to ensure a complete and all-inclusive learning experience.


Yeshivat Yavneh’s mission is to help our students grow to become individuals who reflect exemplary character, embody a deep respect for others, manifest integrity, and actively acknowledge the centrality of chesed in their daily lives. We focus on cultivating Ahavat Torah U'Mitzvot and developing a proud connection to Medinat Israel.


Through the guidance of their Rebbeim and Morot, Yeshivat Yavneh students are taught the importance of a life committed to the Torah, and are immersed in curricula and lessons that can serve as a direct connection to Hashem through their Torah studies. Beyond the content goals and skills that students develop and achieve, our teachers strive to provide an avenue of meaningful spiritual connection, inspiration, and kavod habriot through the affective goals laced into each Torah unit. The goal of our staff is to enable students to recognize themselves as vital members of the Jewish people and community.