Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Do you shop on Amazon.com? If not, you should! It has great prices on lots of products you already buy like diapers, school supplies, clothing, books and  anything else you can think of.
And the best part of it all: Yavneh has teamed up with Amazon to get 6% back on all of the purchases you make on Amazon.com! There is no additional cost to you, this is just a service Amazon provides to schools across the country!
You don’t have to remember any long website addresses, just go to:


Do this every time you’re thinking about buying something on Amazon. You will be redirected to our affiliate page on Amazon, and your entire purchase will count towards a contribution to our PTA! It’s as simple as that!

We really appreciate your participation and now you can shop guilt free knowing that a percentage of your purchase is coming back to Yavneh!

Once again, you must start EVERY Amazon purchase through yavnehamazon.com to insure that we get the credit. Then you can go on to buy anything you’d like!
Please share the link with friends, family, business owners and anyone you know who loves to buy stuff of Amazon.

Thanks again for your continued support!