Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Jewish Camp Shocks LA

Joy is an important part of life and is in each of us. At Camp Yavneh, the staff taught the children that an easy way to get joy is to give joy. So, the camp built the largest Rubik’s Cube with a message that Joy is not a puzzle. They set up the large Rubik’s Cube at different locations around Los Angeles and used it as a base from which to hand out plush happy emojis, hand made cards, happy face bracelets and other fun stuff to people passing by in an effort to share their message of happiness. They played fun music, danced, and engaged Angelenos in their quest to spread the joy on this epic Joy Run.

A Special Thanks to:

-The office of Councilmember David Ryu

-The LAPD Liaison office & all of our men and women in Blue

-The Entire Crew at Pizza World

Credit to all the campers that participated &

The Awesomest Staff Ever Assembled!
Adina Dror
Emma Gurfinkel
Shlomo Gutnick
Netanel Han
Hadar Hoshen
Eli Kapeluscnik
Ahuva Kessler
Leat Kohanzadeh
Basya Mintz
Ari Pollack
Mauricio Ramirez
Bat-Chen Shukroon
Binyamin Sloves
Michael Stark
Shmuel Thaler
Eden Toranto

Lead by the Most Creative Camp Director

JJ Duchman

Inner Flame by 8th Day

News Anchor
Sean Aviv Topps

Chris James

Executive Producer
Lev R. Stark
#SpreadTheJoy #JoyRun #JoyIsNotAPuzzle